Our resident services platform takes the door off the hinges by delivering a robust content driven digital community.


The 365 Resident Services Platform provides a host of services; resources for residents to submit work orders, pay rent and connect with management teams.


Our powerful platform technology not only updates itself, but is a valuable tool that adds to your amenity package and improves resident retention rates.


Set automated lease renewal reminders to deliver your resident that important notice that it is time to renew their lease, keeping your occupancy levels high.


Our platform helps build relationships with your residents by opening the lines of communication and enhancing their living experience.

Deliver your residents more than just a login

  • Allows residents to pay rent, request services and access resources
  • Integrates with social media networks and management software
  • Delivers fresh content to residents without staff lifting a finger
  • Robust communication platform with emergency alert system

Progressive. Powerful.

Redefining the delivery of online services to residents, 365 Connect blends the ultimate mix of content and communication into a fully integrated solution. Our platform is designed with a single focus of serving residents through creating the nexus of information, support and services. Built on flexible cloud hosted technology architecture, our powerful solution touches on every aspect of your resident retention strategy.

Award-Winning mobile technology

Simply put, nobody does it better, and we hold a multitude of awards for our mobile technology to prove it. The 365 Resident Platform delivers your residents a host of services, resources and communication tools, right in the palm of their hand. Designed to serve today’s mobile generation, our fully integrated solution delivers an exceptional experience for residents to pay rent, request services and renew leases, from anywhere and on any mobile device.

  • Delivers same capabilities and user experience as desktop version
  • Seamlessly integrates with social media and management software
  • Accessible across multiple mobile, smartphone and tablet devices
  • Award-winning mobile design and platform technology framework

Learn How You Can Leverage The Power Of The 365 Connect Platform