Keep your social networks buzzing with consistent fresh content that originates from your community website.


Automate and interlink leasing specials, community news and events directly from your community website to your social media channels.


Improve online traffic flow to your community website by extending your reach across the web, while engaging with prospective and existing residents.


Consistent content posted to social media creates social signals, which are proven to improve online visibility through enhanced organic search rankings.


Keeps community managers free from handling redundant logins and data entries, allowing them to focus on other tasks, which reduces costs.

Simplify your social media marketing campaigns

  • Automatically posts community related content from a single platform
  • Improves organic search engine rankings that drives traffic to your website
  • Delivers consistent content to engage both prospects and residents
  • Defines return on investment through measurable traffic flow

Seamless. Efficient.

Providing seamless transitions across multiple digital platforms, 365 Connect delivers a fully integrated solution to manage your social media accounts from a single login. Community branded social media channels are positioned as internal-facing marketing layers to create self-sufficient communication networks. Built to simplify social media management, our powerful solution is designed to engage prospective and current residents.

Award-Winning social media platform

Let’s face facts; do community managers really have time to login to different sites to post content? The answer lies in what we have dubbed the social media graveyard of abandoned Twitter and Facebook pages; those that were started with good intentions by somebody that no longer works at your community. The logins cannot be found and management is forced to make new social media pages, while old pages remain online. The award-winning 365 Connect Social Media Platform eliminates this issue; no more redundant logins, no more lost passwords, and no more multiple social media pages.

  • Creates a single posting interface for community driven content
  • Integrates posting to community leasing and resident platform
  • Frees community staff from redundant logins and data entries
  • Award-winning innovative platform technology framework

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