Call Solutions

Expand the reach of your onsite team.

Enhance Capture Rates

The value of a lead rapidly declines with each passing minute. Knowing which calls need to be returned allow for faster response times, ensuring a greater opportunity to convert a waiting prospect to a current resident. Our call solutions platform allows you to analyze the productivity of leasing and service teams by viewing how calls are being handled. With an integrated workflow and real-time updates, we deliver actionable results.

Power solution to present your community online.

Quality Assurance

Train your staff to follow operational standards while leveraging your insights to improve your marketing strategies. Through the power of our call solutions platform, on-site teams can dramatically boost their conversion rates by driving rapid lead response and effectively increase productivity.

Power solution to present your community online.

Improve Lead Distribution


Track the effectiveness of your marketing with custom local numbers.


Evaluate staff response to ensure your customers receive quality service.


Gain insights with our rich analytics and lead management dashboard.

Insightful. Intelligent.

Serving as the ecosystem of all marketing, leasing, and resident activity, our call solutions platform delivers deep insight into not only where your calls are coming from, but also how they are being handled. Providing simplicity and actionable workflow, our cloud-hosted platform delivers results.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Localized call tracking numbers can be created to ensure leads are aware of your community’s location.


A virtual cloud-hosted platform allows calls to be routed to any termination point and effectively managed.


Directly connect interested renters to leasing agents within the first minutes for higher conversion rates.


Call recording ensures your marketing campaigns and employee trainings are being successfully aligned.


Never miss a message again with automated, permission-based email delivery of all voice messages.


Multiple extensions, local, and toll-free numbers can be added to scale your operation quickly and efficiently.


Our award-winning lead management platform offers the ultimate method for tracking and managing your lead flow. Maintaining high occupancy levels is the key to accelerating revenue, creating returns on investment, and managing a successful community. No matter what the entry point is, our solution will maximize your marketing results.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.