Platform Driven Technology

What makes 365 Connect different? Our platforms are different because we focus on user experience, clear communication, ease of use and emotional response. While others are building disruptive technology, we are creating constructive technology. We align our technology in formation with our client’s goal to reduce marketing spend, increase lead flow and deliver exceptional services to retain existing residents.

365 Connect has created an array of award-winning technology platforms that operate under the strategy of “Locate, Lease and Live,” which encompasses the entire spectrum of services inside the resident lifecycle; capable of handling the demands of marketing, leasing, management and the residents that live behind the doors; with the power of the Internet.

Our platforms are not just another buzzword; the are designed to virally market communities across the internet to high traffic sites, simplify social media by automating posts, and deliver services to residents after the lease is signed by providing a unique content rich platform laced with online services and communication tools. In short, the 365 Connect Platform delivers at every stage of the housing process; reducing marketing costs, producing revenue by renewing leases and saving management staff valuable time and money.

Being different means not accepting the status quo, going beyond what exists in the market and providing solutions that actually work. Different cannot be ignored; it makes changes, pushes things forward that never seem to move, and makes radical impacts. The same old technology doesn’t work anymore; it’s tired, worn out and dysfunctional – it defines disruptive. The 365 Connect Platform delivers constructive technology, one that firmly aligns with the mission of the market we serve, of delivering an exceptional experience to connect both future and existing residents with where they live.