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Create an automated self-service onboarding process that delivers the highest level of verification accuracy.


Reduce the risk of lost revenue by instantly detecting identity discrepancies that are found in the verification process.


Instant identity verification allows you to convert applicants with confidence that your next renter is exactly who they are.

Verify The Good and Eliminate The Bad in a Matter of Seconds

No need to fumble with tables, attempt to verify an identity after the initial transaction, or encounter uncomfortable face-to-face interactions with potential bad actors. Increase your operational efficiency by orchestrating identity decisioning inside the application and touring workflows to ensure you only let the right renters in.

Power solution to present your community online.

Global Verification Automated Decisions

In today’s complex digital world, making sure the person on the other side of the screen is who they claim to be is an overwhelming task given that 1 in 200 IDs are fake. Our platform checks government templates, compares selfies against identification photos with biometrics, and makes certain that the identity document being presented belongs to the person presenting it.

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Multilayer Validation

Sophisticated technology has created the ability to fabricate fake identification documents that are undetectable to the human eye. Gone are the days of photocopying a prospective renter’s ID, throwing it in a file, and having everything covered. Identity verification is a powerful tool that improves onboarding rates by deploying the right path inside the renter transactional journey, with a biometric layer to protect against impersonation attacks.


Passports make up the highest used form of fake identification documents with ID cards following second at 28%.


The most common type of fake ID is borrowed, accounting for 95% of all ID fraud cases, making biometric data critical.


Users can be verified in under five-seconds of uploading identity documents and completing a biometric scan.

Their reliability and commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect. If you seek cutting-edge solutions and outstanding performance - look no further.
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Features You Will Love


It all starts with knowing your customer, our system verifies over 1,000 types of identification cards.


Biometric information is extracted from photos to confirm a user against their identity documents.


Real-time verification stops questionable characters from proceeding through the application process.


Identity documents are directly uploaded by the prospect and will append to the prospect data card.


View the percentage of passed, failed, and overwritten identities against your prospect tour and applicant ratio.


The verification process is seamlessly integrated into the easy to use, self-service applicant workflow.

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