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Appearances mean everything.

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Logo Inspiration

Our logo is a window into what makes us tick, which is time, a precious commodity that we cannot replace. The intention of our logo is to combine 365 into a single digit format, symbolizing the scales of efficiency we deliver to our customers that saves them time throughout the entire housing process.

Our Brand

Our branding is essential to the 365 Connect experience; therefore, we created this document to better communicate our branding guidelines to partners seeking to feature us. To ensure brand authenticity, this guide is provided to keep the brand focused and unique, while assuring the public that only the products and services offered, sponsored, or endorsed by us actually bare our marks.

Brand Ownership

The files on this page are provided based on the understanding that they are the sole property of 365 Connect, LLC and should in no way be reconstructed, reverse engineered, or used in a method to diminish our brand. If a question arises, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Usage Guidelines

  • Do not rotate our logo or icon.
  • Do not change the color of our logo or icon.
  • Do not distort our logo or icon — be sure to scale proportionately.
  • Allow an appropriate amount of white space around our logo or icon.
  • Keep space around our logo or icon for an uncluttered look.
  • Preferred minimum size for our logo or icon is 100px wide.
  • Seek permission from our marketing team for smaller size logos or icons.

365 Connect Blue

  • PMS: 300C
  • CMYK:
  • RGB: 0.98.166
  • Hex: #0062a6

365 Connect Gray

  • PMS: Cool Gray 11C
  • CMYK:
  • RGB: 85.86.90
  • Hex: #55565a

Logos / Icons

Full Logo Official

Full Logo

Official Colors

Icon Only Logo Official

Icon Only

Official Colors

Full Logo White

Full Logo

White Version

Icon Only Logo White

Icon Only

White Version