Digital Leasing

Empower your onboarding experience.

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The onboarding process is streamlined with identity verification, e-signatures, statuses, and document storage.


Through guided info gathered in the application process, a signature ready lease is built for digital delivery.


Costs are displayed along the way, including add-ons fees, and allows for secure payment at lease signing.

Take Your Prospects
From Lead to Lease

FIND: Built on a deeply integrated framework, our automated leasing platform is designed to tag available inventory while a user is in the application process, eliminating same unit applications in real time.

APPLY: Transforming the leasing process while improving conversion rates, our fully customizable application offers identity verification, income calculation, discount codes, and integrated screening.

SIGN: Automated lease and invoice generation seamlessly transmits documents for e-signatures to the primary lease holder, co-applicants, and guarantors, along with an itemized invoice, enabling instant conversions.

Power solution to present your community online.

Blue Moon Integrated

Setting the industry-standard for compliance, our leasing platform is integrated with Blue Moon, which host one of the largest libraries of legally vetted forms in the country. Lease documents and amendments are automatically populated with no manual data entry, statuses are displayed, and leases are retrieved and securely stored.

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Intelligent Automation

Delivering an automated solution to critical transactional components, our fully customizable leasing platform offers identity verification, income calculation, discount codes, integrated screening, and payments. Prospects can select an available unit, additional rentable items, and view monthly and one-time fees in real time. Upon approval, Blue Moon lease documents and addendums are automatically generated, and sent with an invoice to secure signatures and payment.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Instant identity and screening decisions are displayed enabling approved parties to complete the digital lease process.


Fully completed lease documents and addendums are sent to all parties you need to secure signature from.


Renters can digitally sign and finalize lease documents, using a keyboard, mouse, stylus, or even their fingertip.


Invoices are built and delivered with lease documents allowing you to collect rent, deposits, and related fees.


The leasing dashboard clearly displays the status of every party to the lease in progress to simplify your workload.


Executed lease documents are securely store in a centralized, cloud-hosted environment for instant access.

Automating The Onboarding Process

Our award-winning leasing platform takes your community in a new direction. This self-service tool brings modernization to a currently broken process, allowing renters to execute a lease in real time, just like most financial commitments are completed today. With robust verifications, e-signatures, and payments, you will sign leases while you sleep.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.