We speak at events to amplify the future opportunities in technology.


Our leadership abilities cause others to follow to make events happen.


We bring funding to events for attendees to have a great experience.

Embracing Our Future

Symbolizing the new economic landscape, we are changing the playing field, making it fair and accessible to all. Our future innovators must be given the tools and resources to expand their interest in the creation of new technologies. The integration of community leadership and collaborative environments are critical to foster the next generation of change-makers. Our focus is technology-driven educational programs that strengthen our community by providing the future generation with an opportunity to learn about technology as a career path.

Creating a place where people can take action to impact their future is the ultimate symbol of empowerment.


Connecting with future innovators to inform them of emerging opportunities.


Creating engaging environments for people to exchange ideas.


Making a commitment that will lead to proactive change in the lives of others.

 We are honored to have the support of 365 Connect, they are a champion of our technology community. 
Max Gaudin, COO
Operation Spark
 365 Connect continues to be a strong supporter of the technology community and future of our city. 
Torrie Adams, President
New Orleans Women in Technology
 365 Connect’s continuing sponsorship demonstrates their commitment to our technology community. 
Jason Seidman, Co-Founder
NOLATech Week

Social Strategies

Leveraging our position in the local technology community, we are advancing the practice of social impact through focused TechEd events that spur positive change. We partner with organizations that provide educational programs, economic impact and accelerated workforce initiatives. Our community-based approach develops effective learning tools for our future innovators to lead in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

Social Strategies