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365 Connect Examines The Chatbot Revolution in Its Latest Industry-Focused Whitepaper

NEW ORLEANS, LA – 365 Connect, a provider of award-winning digital marketing, leasing, and resident service platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today the release of an industry-focused whitepaper, AI Chatbots: Interaction Reimagined – Leveraging the Power of Automation. Authored by the team at 365 Connect, this whitepaper is the product of countless hours of interviews, research, and informal conversations with experts within the fields of artificial intelligence, chatbot technology, and property management.

AI Chatbots: Interaction Reimagined – Leveraging the Power of Automation takes a closer look at the users driving the chatbot revolution and the technology behind it. The paper delves into the adoption of chatbots through voice, messaging, and social media channels, uncovering each type of bot’s ability to build a solid customer experience. It also details the many other potential benefits of harnessing AI-driven chatbots – specifically for marketing, leasing, and resident service strategies across the rental housing industry.

“Dominating the rental market begins with the automation of typical workflows,” explained 365 Connect CEO, Kerry W. Kirby. “AI-assisted chatbots can adequately stand in for human customer service agents, sales personnel, and other team members. With many bots powered by artificial intelligence, they can provide personalized service, resolve issues easily, and inform business operations with invaluable data sets. For these reasons, we will see chatbots assume responsibility for up to 85 percent of all customer interactions by 2021.”

For decades, the multifamily housing industry has relied upon personal touchpoints and in-person relationship-building techniques to convert leads into residents. Now, consumers are demanding contactless solutions from every sector imaginable. From food delivery and travel bookings to banking services, multiple industries are now rethinking how they interact with customers – and multifamily is no exception.

The never-ending capabilities of chatbots have become extremely attractive to short-staffed multifamily owners and operators, who are looking to expand, automate, or completely transform their business models. As our industry is already profiting off chatbot usage at over double the rate of the education, healthcare, finance, and travel industries, it’s clear to see how AI-backed chatbots can easily restructure redundant tasks, improve retention rates, and connect prospects to informational resources around the clock.

Kirby concluded, “Chatbot technology appeals to next-generation renters and busy property manager alike, who need seamless, streamlined workflows more than ever before. We invite multifamily industry professionals to download this complimentary research whitepaper, learn more about how chatbots can enhance business strategies, and help their communities thrive, during the pandemic and for years to come.”

This comprehensive whitepaper is available for immediate download at

ABOUT 365 CONNECT: 365 Connect delivers the world's most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe. Designed to modernize transactions that empower people, the AI-enabled platform reinvents operational performance to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and accelerate revenue. Founded in 2003 with unrivaled industry knowledge, 365 Connect is built for renters, management teams, and today's changing world. Learn how we are powering what’s next at