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365 Connect Integrates Its Online Leasing and Marketing Syndication Platform with RentLingo

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, the New Orleans based, award-winning online technology platform provider for the multifamily industry, announced today the integration of its Marketing Syndication Platform with RentLingo®, the rental listing service with a social network twist. RentLingo is an emerging apartment rental search engine that has created a social network around finding an apartment. RentLingo aggregates listings, but also provides places to interact with friends who may have lived in that area, or even seamlessly find potential roommates through their own social network. It connects through Facebook in order to maintain “a trusted community of real people.”

The integration of 365 Connect's Marketing Syndication Platform with RentLingo®, reflects and supports the shift in the multifamily market away from obsolete marketing strategies towards more economical and effective online marketing technology. 365 Connect's research has repeatedly demonstrated that today's renters are online, search oriented and gravitate to the most efficient user-friendly sites when seeking an apartment. This powerful integration delivers high market penetration through distribution of 365 Connect'sclient listings across RentLingo.  

RentLingo offers real time filtering and a unique browser interface that displays apartment listings as the user moves around the full screen map and unique features such as heat maps of friends’ Facebook check-ins.RentLingo delivers apartment listings from an array of internet listing and classified sites, assuring its users a robust search experience.

“We are excited to extend our Marketing Syndication Network to include RentLingo,” stated Kerry W. Kirby, CEO of 365 Connect. “RentLingo has not only created a robust housing search engine, but is delivering a social network aspect for prospective renters to find an apartment, through a trusted community of real people.RentLingo will allow us to dramatically increase the number of leads to our clients. This integration amplifies our message that we are the next generation platform for the multifamily industry, capable of not only marketing communities across the internet, but eliminating redundant marketing efforts and reducing operating expenses for our clients.”

Founder and CEO of RentLingo Dan Laufer added, “I’m excited to be adding 365 Connect's listings toRentLingo. 365 Connect's award-winning technology will deliver listings directly to RentLingo from its client database of apartments that are available for lease in the market now, helping RentLingo provide an exceptional user experience. These additional listings will help RentLingo succeed in its goal of letting people search every available rental listing on the market.”

The Marketing Syndication Platform is a joint product of 365 Connect and, which harnesses and syndicates information across the Internet through multiple data feeds from 365 Connect'sNetwork of Online Leasing Centers. The powerful platform serves as the data hub and entrance point for the syndicated feeds, delivering detailed community information inside a single interface.

Going beyond traditional hosted websites, the 365 Connect Technology Platform gathers and sorts data into bundles and then mass syndicates the most relevant data that apartment shoppers are seeking (such as photos, floor plans and pricing) across the Internet. The Marketing Syndication Platform saves multifamily property owners time and money through the elimination of redundant marketing efforts, which typically demands an extraordinary amount of management staff time.

In today's ever-expanding Internet marketplace, in which 90% of all housing searches start on the Internet, it is vital that multifamily owners and operators market their communities online efficiently and inexpensively.365 Connect strives to place each of its clients’ apartment communities in as many online destinations as possible with automatic, real-time updates in a seamless process that property managers never have to touch, see or update. By pushing the leasing information from the 365 Connect Platform across high traffic housing search engines, such as RentLingo, 365 Connect clients are ensured that their most needed property information is reaching online prospects across the breadth of the Internet.

365 Connect and are proud to align their Marketing Syndication Platform with RentLingoto create integrations that help fulfill their mission to drive quality traffic to all of 365 Connect's clients. This powerful and timely addition to the already robust 365 Connect Technology Platform further cements 365 Connect's role as the leader in creative, leading edge, award-winning web-based technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

About RentLingo: Rentlingo was created by a group of Stanford students who wanted to be able to tap into how their friends find apartments. The company has created a social network around finding an apartment. It aggregates listings, but also provides places to interact with friends who may have lived in that area, or even find potential roommates. RentLingo were previously winners of the North Bridge Venture Partners Seed Competition, the VentureBeat DEMO competition and the MBA startup competition at SXSW. RentLingo is innovating the social way for prospective renters to find an apartment through a trusted community of real people. For more information visit:

ABOUT 365 CONNECT: 365 Connect delivers the world's most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe. Designed to modernize transactions that empower people, the AI-enabled platform reinvents operational performance to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and accelerate revenue. Founded in 2003 with unrivaled industry knowledge, 365 Connect is built for renters, management teams, and today's changing world. Learn how we are powering what’s next at