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365 Connect to Present in Live Webcast on Protecting Your Data from the Dark Side of the Web

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today that its founder and CEO, Kerry W. Kirby, will serve as keynote speaker for a live webcast. The webcast, Protecting Your Data from The Dark Side of the Web, is scheduled to air on June 6, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. ET on, the largest media platform in the multifamily housing industry.

Protecting Your Data from The Dark Side of the Web examines the high-risk, digital frontier of the Internet, a virtual space that is continuing to place an increased need on users to secure corporate networks, data transmittal, and the storage of sensitive information. The webcast focuses on the online vulnerabilities present within the multifamily housing industry, which collects an array of personally identifiable information to qualify its customer base. Turning its attention to the creation of a comprehensive framework to detect malicious intent and protect against security breaches, this webcast lays the ground work for cybersecurity awareness training within the industry.

“As the digital evolution exploits new models to blend the virtual and real worlds into an immersive and connected environment, it is imperative that we assess the risk that comes along with emerging technology adoption,” Kirby explained. “Change has never moved faster, but along with that change comes the need for risk management, which should be included in every business’ cybersecurity strategy.”

Joining Kirby is property management expert, Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour, an industry professional since 1988 and the author of SmartMatch Alliances. Oriente and Kirby have presented over 100 webcasts together, covering an array of topics from strategies on maintaining optimum performance of multifamily communities to the latest technology trends. With a combined experience of almost 50 years in the multifamily housing industry, Oriente and Kirby deliver comprehensive, educational, and leading-edge programming.

Oriente responded, “Kerry is a profound researcher and analyzer of all things digital, and I am excited to join him on a discussion of this very timely and comprehensive subject. We strive to bring a balance of diverse content to our audience so they may accommodate the unprecedented growth in the industry, fueled by the next generation of renters.”

“The Internet has made us all accustomed to instant information,” Kirby concluded. “We take for granted the potential danger of the very information we transmit being exposed in any type of malicious way. As we are expected to become more agile and adaptable to new technologies, the number of potential ways for unauthorized users to access private networks has increased. Because of the ever-growing prevalence of cybersecurity in the modern world, we are excited to share our knowledge of this subject with our industry peers.”

Registration for the webcast is available at

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