Defining the digital footprint.

Delivering Your Community in the Hands of Today’s Mobile Renter

This white paper explores the phenomenon of mobile technology as it investigates the current scale of market penetration. Using the latest statistics, our research illustrates the continual increase of mobile users across the globe. As this white paper progresses, the scope of its research narrows, concentrating on the American infatuation with smartphones and its correlation to the importance of businesses making their websites mobile-friendly. With easily-accessible mobile technology, consumers expect information on demand.

White Paper Discussion Points

  • The global scale that mobile devices are being used to access the Internet
  • The demographic of smartphone owners in the United States
  • How Millennials are changing the mobile landscape with their purchasing habits
  • Baby Boomers and their firm control of the bulk of disposable income
  • Appealing to mobile renters in way that extend beyond the delivery of leasing tools
  • Transactional and communicative tools that benefit a mobile-friendly presence

In addition to considering the global scale of mobile technology and the use of smartphones in the United States, this white paper analyzes user demographics, the expansion of m-commerce, and the future of technological integrations within the multifamily housing industry. The objective is to educate the industry, so they may better understand the mobile movement, how it has changed the methods of browsing online, and the ways in which multifamily professionals can effectively connect with today’s renter.


With the evolution of mobile, social, and localized search, interaction with modern renters is now dramatically different. Our research evaluates technology utilization across a broad spectrum of subjects and focuses on its effect upon the multifamily housing industry. Whether you cater to market-rate, affordable properties or student-oriented communities, our research projects will shed light on how your prospects and residents are viewing your community online.

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