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James W. Lancaster

Chief Product Officer

Jimmy Lancaster is one of the most well-known software engineering experts on the Silicon Bayou. He specializes in building high-performance teams that deliver results and exceed expectations. Jimmy uses his technology and communication skills to define success for customers, while motivating teams to create leading-edge products that make a difference for its end-users. With a career spanning over a decade in the software industry, and a degree in Computer Science from Southeastern Louisiana University, Jimmy brings the perfect blend of technical knowledge and business expertise to the table.

In his role as Chief Product Officer at 365 Connect, Jimmy leads the development team to continually evolve the company’s platform and services. He is responsible for formulating strategies for new products, architecting complex integrations, and monetizing emerging technologies. With an unwavering dedication to solving problems, Jimmy interfaces with customers to meet their needs of simplifying operations through delivering innovative solutions.

Jimmy and his wife Trisha reside in the greater New Orleans area along with their new-born son James. They are actively involved in providing scholarships for high school students in Trisha’s hometown of Angeles City, Philippines. When Jimmy is not creating the next big thing in technology, he pursues his passion for race cars, and can often be found clocking time on the track.

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