Socially Simplified

Take your social media to the next level.

Social Acceleration

Amplify your marketing reach by delivering content to your website and social media channels simultaneously. Our social media platform will keep you free from handling multiple logins and data entries, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Because everything is integrated, marketing automation goes beyond your website, keywords have more meaning, and your marketing dollar become more powerful.

Power solution to present your community online.

Community Advocacy

Maximize the impact of your social outreach with our fully-integrated solution. Eliminate redundant data input, enhance search positioning, and connect with your prospects and residents. Our platform delivers the tools to manage your social channels, schedule image-driven content, and drive more traffic.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Keep Your Social Networks Buzzing


Increase your search engine rankings with new and fresh content.


Deliver consistent and relevant content across multiple channels.


Drive more traffic, increase visibility, and stay ahead of the competition.

Focused. Measurable.

Further innovating the methodology behind local search and community advocacy, our social media content platform stands at the forefront of multi-channel marketing for the multifamily housing industry. We deliver the ultimate method to optimize, track, and measure content marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Reach new customers while expanding your online footprint with engaging, hyper-local content.


Upload and schedule content and images to post at future dates across multiple social channels.


Put an end to ad-hoc social posts by arranging all of your content to simplify and improve its management.


Content and images feed from your website to social channels with our robust posting integrations.


Your website, social media channels, and custom RSS feeds are synced to optimize traffic sources.


Deep analytics allow you to track clicks and traffic sources for your published content campaigns.


Our award-winning content marketing platform creates the ultimate distribution system to convert your social media channels into a true marketing machine. Publish content directly to your website that feeds into your social media channels, eliminating multiple logins. Originate, optimize, and measure performance all from a single platform.

365 Connect award-winning market syndication platform.