Document Management

Centralized cloud-hosted data storage solutions.

Work Smarter

Because data is at the heart of your operation, a private, cloud-hosted solution can change the way you do business. Offering a smart way to manage documents, our platform provides a centralized storage resource for your community. From drop and drag bulk uploads to permissions-based access, our document management platform will improve data sharing. Keep your team in sync with real-time data distribution.

Power solution to present your community online.


Extend the reach of your team to virtually anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device. Your company’s ability to limit productivity loss and maintain a competitive advantage rests entirely on your access to data. Our platform instantly connects you to your mission-critical documents.

Power solution to present your community online.

Single Source Solution


Control how data is shared among the members of your team.


Employee management allows for easy, permissions-based document access.


Documents can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Expansive. Versatile.

Even though team members are spread across various geographical locations, this does not dissolve the need for information to be shared among users. A central location to store and manage your documents is critical. We provide an ideal solution for users, who work remotely, to easily and quickly access a large number of files.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Save your operation-critical files in a centralized, cloud-hosted environment that can be accessed anywhere.


From any device, create custom folders, and easily bulk-upload files with our drop and drag features.


Manage team access with our permissions-based features that allow view, edit, and upload rights.


Conveniently track how data is shared with date, time, and user upload identification tagging.


All of your files are protected with unlimited version history and deletion recovery features.


Make sure your sensitive data stays in the right hands with unique, password protected sharing controls.


Our award-winning technology platform creates the ultimate method for tracking and managing your critical operational documents. Maintaining data in a cloud-hosted environment assures business continuity in the event of local data disruption. We accelerate productivity by keeping your team members continuously connected.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.