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Vacant and on-notice units are analyzed to create a true picture of units that must be leased to avoid vacancy surges.


Identified floorplan types are targeted with AI created graphic post utilizing community assets and tracking codes.


Graphic ads, content, links, and hashtags are posted across the property’s social media and Google Business pages.

Take The Guess Work Out of Available Units With Advanced AI

The challenge of managing empty units, move-outs, and turn times are critical factors that directly influence the financial performance of any rental property. UnitRev.AI is designed to take a deep dive into vacant inventory, expiring leases, and trends that impact vacancy rates and take action to improve overall occupancy rates.

Power solution to present your community online.

Reduce Time on Market With Targeted Approach

Taking a holistic approach to minimizing the duration of vacant units and improving overall occupancy rates, our platform takes a strategic approach to ensure the right audience is reached. Utilizing AI, customized marketing messages that are tailored to attract potential renters are disseminated across various social and search channels.

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Social Leveraging

Building resilient models that drive efficient and profitable operations is crucial for adapting to the constantly evolving rental market. With tight margins being squeezed by uncontrollable costs, we must aim for a future where vacancies are minimized, renter satisfaction is maximized, and financial performance is optimized. By utilizing artificial intelligence to monetize targeted inventory marketing campaigns, operators can leverage trigger-point technology to reduce time on market for vacant units.


AI can reduce vacancy rates by predicting turnover and optimizing marketing efforts to fill units more quickly.


AI can reduce the time spent on content creation of marketing messages, social media posts, and graphic creation.


AI inventory management improves forecast accuracy and leads to better decision-making and resource allocation.

They have the most responsive support team we have ever encountered in the multifamily industry. Their rapid updates consistently exceed our expectations.
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Features You Will Love


Our platform calculates your true potential vacancy and takes action to market those units without human intervention.


Through the power of artificial intelligence, we balance inventory and organic marketing to reduce time on market.


No need to add additional staff, we automate the entire process, without the need to scale up your headcount.


We sync pricing and availability directly from your backend system with our wide range of integrations.


From wall post to renewable stories UnitRev is designed to conform to each platform to maximize engagement.


Deep analytics allow insights into traffic, reach, and actions for continuous optimization of marketing efforts.

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