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365 Connect Analyzes The Catalyst Driving Technology Into The Future During Livestream Webcast Event

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, the leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident service platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today that its CEO, Kerry W. Kirby, will serve as keynote speaker in a live webcast. The webcast, Catastrophe to Catalyst: The Inflection Points Driving Next Generation Change Forward, is scheduled to air on May 19, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. ET on, the largest media resource in the multifamily housing industry.

Catastrophe to Catalyst: The Inflection Points Driving Next Generation Change Forward discusses the shift in consumer behaviors and expectations. It focuses on the upcoming renter demographic, Generation Z, who dominated the market last year, as their renter base jumped by 36 percent. In addition to becoming the second largest renter demographic, Generation Z will influence the various generations to embrace their contactless ways of life, including AI chatbots, digital payments, remote work, and other facets of their Uber-inspired lifestyle.

“Developments made within the technology realm will not stop any time soon,” Kirby explained. “Now, we’ve reached warp speed in terms of innovation, and consumers are demanding more conveniences than ever before. Even though many of our usual processes and workflows morphed with the help of tech over the past year, there is still plenty of headway to be made as we reach the mid-point of 2021.”

Joining Kirby is property management expert, Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour, an industry professional since 1988 and the author of SmartMatch Alliances. Oriente and Kirby have presented over 135 webcasts together, covering an array of topics from strategies on maintaining optimum performance of multifamily communities to the latest technology trends. With nearly 50 years of combined experience in the multifamily housing industry, Oriente and Kirby deliver comprehensive, educational, and leading-edge programming, which earned the duo global recognition with a highly prestigious gold w3 Award.

Oriente responded, “Kerry is the ultimate go-to resource for all things digital within the multifamily housing arena, and I am excited to join him in this discussion on how next generation changemakers are driving innovation to the next level. As with all the material we produce for our webcast series, we strive to deliver relevant, straightforward information to our audience, so they can better prepare for the newest wave of developments in the market.”

Kirby concluded, “Over the years, technological advancements have changed the way we shop for goods and services, share social updates with friends, and even transact business. Now, expedient changes in tech are helping us reach the next major phase of digital transformation. Although the multifamily housing industry hasn’t been immune to this year’s economic impacts, property management professionals are in a prime position to strengthen their future business models by embracing the evolution in consumers’ mindsets.”

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