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First impressions for Carter Haston.
Brookleigh Flats | Brookhaven, GA

First Impressions…

With a mission to provide a well-maintained and inviting place for residents to live, Carter-Haston searched for an industry-focused provider that recognized the importance of first impressions. Seeking a solution that was not only beautiful, but also functional to ease the challenges of onboarding and serving residents, Carter-Haston sought the beauty and the brains that only 365 Connect could provide. 365 Connect demonstrated how it would initialize an amazing first impression from a device-friendly platform while incorporating decision-making resources and integrated workflows that would make Carter-Haston’s marketing dollars work harder

They are innovative, responsive and deliver what we need to grow our service offerings.
Cater Haston Quote

Miyon Moore
Marketing Director


Measurable success with Carter Haston
Whitepalm Apartments I Port Orange, FL

Measurable Success…

Miyon Moore, Marketing Director for Carter-Haston stated, “365 Connect is innovative, responsive and deliver what we need in order to grow our service offerings. They introduced us to the world of content marketing and helped reduce our reliance on traditionally expensive marketing methods. Our lead flow always exceeds our expectations, which helps convert more prospects to leases. Their resident platform is truly amazing, delivering content, tools, and resources and helping us fulfill our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent service.