Video Marketing

Be where your prospects are.

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Engaging slideshows are customized to showcase your community.


Easily distribute video content to various marketing channels.


Quickly engage searching renters across multiple platforms and devices.

Launch Your Marketing Reach into Motion.

EFFECTIVE: There's no better way to improve your conversion rates than with video. Adding a video to your website and social media channels is proven to increase traffic and drastically improve conversion rates.

CAPTIVATING: Video has become prominent among the rising generation, offering the ideal format to keep your prospects engaged. With the perfect combination of visuals and sound, your community quickly springs to life.

AFFORDABLE: Eliminating the need for expensive production equipment and on-site video crews, photos can be arranged to create captivating slideshows and paired with digital sound at a fraction of the cost.

Power solution to present your community online.

Video Delivers Results.

Online video tours are one of the most powerful marketing resources available. Properties that are showcased with video are proven to capture more leads than their competitors. The video component of online advertising has become an essential tool across all markets, and the multifamily housing industry is no exception.

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Expressive. Engaging.

Building upon our highly-effective, multi-channel content marketing strategy, we create slideshow videos that drive traffic to your website, bolster your current marketing tools, and build brand awareness in the process. Videos are optimized with keyword logic, title descriptions, and micro-data tags, which are broadcast across multiple social platforms to engage with your desired audience of users and extend your digital footprint.

Features You Will Love


Video is compiled with background music and organized transitions to showcase your community’s best features.


Created from a series of still images, videos load faster on numerous devices and various connection speeds.


Utilizing existing, high-resolution community images, videos are quickly produced for market with little inconvenience.


With no need for an on-site film crew or expensive equipment, budget-friendly videos can be quickly produced.


Greatly expand your marketing reach by uploading videos to high-traffic online platforms such as YouTube.


Videos are optimized for web, search, social, and mobile to cater to your user’s multi-channel utilization.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation.

Our award-winning platform provides users with on-demand, online video slideshows that improve your marketing strategy tenfold. By introducing powerful visual tools into your marketing mix, you will increase lead engagement, social sharing, and actionable views, ultimately making your marketing dollars more powerful than ever before.

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