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Content Marketing Delivers Multi-Channel Impact for Apartment Marketers According to Latest Report

NEW ORLEANS, LA – 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today the release of its latest whitepaper on utilizing content marketing in the rental housing industry. Content Marketing – Inbound Digital – Engaging Next Generation Renters focuses on how modern marketing managers are leveraging this multi-channel marketing method to drive leads and engage residents in their apartment communities.

This extensive report analyzes data points concerning user behavior, distribution channels, and search engine benefits. The research clearly establishes that apartment communities adopting a consistent content marketing strategy can cross-market to both future and existing residents. The main analysis of the whitepaper highlights the endless benefits of content marketing; it places an apartment community in a better position to be found online, motivates the reader to connect with the community, and enhances branding efforts.

“As we continue to look at innovative methods to drive prospect traffic, engage residents, and reduce marketing spend, content marketing is an effective strategy for your property to remain relevant throughout the entire resident lifecycle on multiple distribution channels,” stated 365 Connect CEO, Kerry W. Kirby. “By focusing on the methodology of community advocacy, we have seen that hyper-local content creates high quality SEO, fosters online authority, and establishes a strong digital presence.”

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach, focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Producing high-impact content has proven effective in promoting customer engagement, garnering over 3-times as many leadsand costing approximately 60 percent less than standard outbound marketing efforts. Content marketing revenue is expected to exceed 300 billion dollars by the end of this year, establishing it as a go-to method among modern marketing managers.

“Digital marketing is no longer a one-way street because the importance of engagement and interaction is at an all-time high. As modern marketing evolves to accommodate the needs of its consumers, the multifamily housing industry can expect the scope of content marketing to continuously grow,” Kirby concluded. “With relevant content published on a consistent basis, marketers will improve customer relationships, brand engagement, and website rankings, in addition to lowering marketing costs. We are excited to share our knowledge of this subject with our industry peers.”

The complete whitepaper is available for immediate download at

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