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The Complexities of ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

This whitepaper explores the history of the ADA, the need for website accessibility, and the grass roots legal battle taking place that will shape digital inclusion as we know it. It also delves into the latest Web Accessibility Initiative implemented by the World Wide Web Consortium to make websites and the services they provide compatible with assistive technology. Using the latest, available statistics, our research focuses on the growing need for accessible websites, the continual rise of “surf-by” litigation, and the options currently available for multifamily operators looking to achieve digital compliance.

Discussion Points

  • Overview of the history and significance of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Digital habits of Internet users with disabilities versus those without.
  • Need for equal access to online resources, regardless of technology used.
  • Upsurge of surf-by litigation and its demand for wider accessibility adoption.
  • Insights of those using assistive technology to thrive in their lives and careers.
  • Accessibility solutions currently helping website operators achieve compliance.

For years, multifamily operators have prioritized physical accommodations for people with disabilities. Now, the need for inclusion has shifted to the digital sphere. Though the ADA pre-dates the Internet as we know it today, we now live in an interconnected world, one that is reliant upon the web to deliver information, services, and resources through multiple online channels. The goal of this whitepaper is to educate industry professionals on the importance of making digital services accessible to all.

Digital Inclusion ADA Compliance - Interconnected Website Services


With the evolution of mobile, social, and localized search, interaction with modern renters is now dramatically different. Our research evaluates technology utilization across a broad spectrum of subjects and focuses on its effect upon the multifamily housing industry. Whether you cater to market-rate, affordable properties or student-oriented communities, our research projects will shed light on how your prospects and residents are viewing your community online.

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