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It is important to present content in a way that can be perceived through at least one of the user’s senses.


Fully operable user interface elements and navigation are essential for users to easily interact with websites.


A wide range of user agents, including assistive technologies, should be able to access website information and interface.

The Most Extensive Web Accessibility Whitepaper

In this in-depth analysis, we delve into the pressing need for website accessibility and the unfolding legal landscape that promises to redefine digital inclusivity. Exploring the forefront of this battle, we dissect the evolving Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and their pivotal role in ensuring websites and their functionalities are compatible with assistive technologies. Our comprehensive research uncovers indispensable insights that multifamily operators need to attain digital compliance.

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Multifamily Risk Factor

Multifamily housing sits at the top of the high-risk list for website accessibility lawsuits, as housing is a highly regulated industry and serves as the model for non-discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. With the array of interconnected services to find, apply, and lease, along with self-service options for residents, digital compliance is critical. Legal experts are projecting an avalanche of litigation with several recent legal decisions paving the way.


The annual number of website accessibility lawsuits continues to rise each year with many citing overlay interferences.


Demand letters are often the catalyst to private settlements that open the door to further litigation for non-compliance.


The average settlement goes beyond monetary and includes court supervision to bring your website compliant.

Listen to Our Latest ADA Website Podcast

Listen to our latest podcast, Weaving Through the Tangled Web of Digital Accessibility Rules and Regulations, which takes a deep dive into the evolving world of digital accessibility requirements. The podcast discusses the need to deliver compliant websites and related service platforms, as well as the legal exposure multifamily communities face for non-compliance.

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