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Interaction Reimagined: Leveraging AI Chatbots

This research whitepaper explores the increasing popularity of AI-powered chatbots within the multifamily housing industry and beyond. Because chatbots are multi-faceted, they are the most logical solution in automating multifamily processes, like scheduling, touring, and providing need-to-know information. The purpose of this paper is to examine the continual evolution of AI technology, track the adoption of chatbots through voice, messaging, and social media channels, and showcase the abilities chatbots possess in attracting leads and engaging residents.

Discussion Points

  • The history and functionality of chatbots within the American landscape.
  • The complex demographics surrounding chatbot adoption and usage.
  • The types of chatbots available on the market, including voice and SMS.
  • The benefits of chatbot usage across all industries, including multifamily.
  • The adoption of AI-driven chatbots in sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • The future of AI technology and its impact on the multifamily housing sector.

From food delivery and travel services to real estate tours and online payments, multiple industries are shifting their strategies to meet rapidly evolving consumer demands. For decades, our industry has relied upon personal touchpoints and in-person relationship-building techniques to convert leads into residents. With technology quickly responding to serve the current market, multifamily operators have more options than ever before to analyze data, streamline top-line strategies, and simplify day-to-day operations – all of which can be accomplished with chatbot technologies.

AI Chatbots - Iteractive Reimagined Leveraging the Power of Automation


With the evolution of mobile, social, and localized search, interaction with modern renters is now dramatically different. Our research evaluates technology utilization across a broad spectrum of subjects and focuses on its effect upon the multifamily housing industry. Whether you cater to market-rate, affordable properties or student-oriented communities, our research projects will shed light on how your prospects and residents are viewing your community online.

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